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Red Star AAACLASSIC TOURS picks up passengers at the downtown cruise ship dock or local accomodation. Passengers see the sights from a restored 1955 Chevy, chauffeured by a retired school teacher--clad in a poodle skirt and saddle shoes. Tours can accomodate up to five passengers and include visits to Saxman Native village.....
Source the AAA Western Canada and Alaska tour book...
Red Star "Munch takes you where eagles soar and fiords flow. There's a chance to photograph totem poles, visit an Indian village...Shows off the local scene as well as wilderness areas outside town." - Los Angeles Times 
Red Star  "The finest trip we had on our two-week tour!" - Sam and Katy Holman - Dallas, Texas
Red Star  "Her excursions aren't just some commercial venture. The totems and their cultural significance are the heart of her tours." - Friends, The Chevy Magazine 
Red Star  Undoubtedly the most fun way to tour Ketchikan is with Lois Munch and her Classic Tours, 3820 Baranof Avenue. (907-225-3091). Munch drives a restored '55 Chevy sedan - and wears a period outfit complete with poodle skirt and saddle shoes - as she carries one to five passengers to city sights, including Saxman, the Totem Heritage Museum, the fish hatchery, and a remote bald eagle's nest. - Frommer's Guide to Alaska
Red Star  Alaska - Jean Tauck, Ventura: "Classic Tours by Lois Munch....."We took a wonderful tour of Ketchikan with Lois in her '55 Chevy. We saw Ketchikan through the eyes of a local." - Readers Recommend Column: Los Angeles Times
Red Star  Offbeat touring. Lois Ellen Munch wheels visitors around Ketchikan in her 1955 Chevrolet. Passengers explore tide pools, view bald eagle nests and meet Indian totem carvers. - Atlanta Constitution 
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....Most passengers go touring aboard motor coaches to Ketchikan's totem parks and museums. A lucky few have written or called ahead to book space with Lois Munch of Classic Tours.

She's the woman on the pier, leaning against a classy '55 Chevy. She's wearing a '50s poodle skirt, saddle shoes and charm bracelet.

.... Why the 1950s theme? "Well, I had the car," she said. "It came from my ex-husband's aunt." - The Orange County (CA) Register 

 Red Star In Ketchikan, an incredible number of companies run excursions to the farther flung sites: choose from expensive taxis, generic minibuses, kitsch trolleys or a luxury option in the shape of an immaculate '55 Chevy. - The Rough Guides - London, England 
Red Star  Focus on New York has travel far and wide for our TV show travel segments. Nowhere have we found a guide as enthusiastic as Lois. She made us want to move to Ketchikan. - Judith Lasch, Executive Producer - Focus On New York 
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Letters From Our Readers:
After reading your article featuring Lois Munch and her Classic Tours ("Can you Can in Ketchikan?" - December 1993) we decided our Alaskan cruise this past summer wouldn't be complete without partaking. What a neat experience! Lois met us on the dock as our ship came in, and we were the objects of many envious glances.

She was dressed in nostalgic '50s clothing and was - as your article stated - an unending font of information on the history, legends. myths and facts of the town of Ketchikan. We buzzed up and down the side roads in her shiny '55 Chevy and saw sights and met people not usually seen on regular tours.

For us, nothing beats a quiet, leisurely walk with someone who knows and respects the area and its history. At the end of our tour, Lois drove us back to the port, opened the trunk of her car and treated us to a nonalcoholic champagne toast in honor of my mother's 75th birthday.

We highly recommend Lois's personal tour of this charming town. - Sara, Marijane and Carol Cushing and Terri Erikson - Bloomington, IL - Touring America Magazine 

Red Star  Dear "Classy Lady!"
Thank you so much for bringing your '55 Chevy to the levee - or more, precisely, the elevated dockside, to meet the Garrisons! Laura and I certainly enjoyed our Alaskan encounter, starting with that great tour of Ketchikan. It's obvious you love the place, and we can see why. We'll be featuring Ketchikan in a radio mini-series on Alaska in the coming weeks. And you, Lois, will give the programs class!
- Gordon G. Garrison - Society of American Travel Writers 
Red Star  To view eagles, bears, totems and get an indepth tour, look for Lois Munch. You can't miss this town guide. Lois Munch is unique with her poodle skirt, saddle shoes and her '55 Chevy. Lois knows every one and everything in town. - The Meadville (PA) Tribune 

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