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Totems and Eagles Tour

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This tour includes the Totems Tour and more...

Leaving the Totem Park at Saxman, we'll drive to the gravel road where we find ourselves in the midst of the rainforest. We'll learn to identify the coniferous hemlock, spruce and cedar trees that have played important roles in our community's development. And, I'll take you to an 'eagle tree'. At the very top of this gigantic Sitka spruce is an aerie or, as locals call it, an eagle's nest. If we're lucky, an adult eagle may be perched on the edge of its huge nest. Or, perhaps a glimpse of an eaglet!

This majestic bird is my favorite. Eagles mate for life and are loving parents, sharing egg sitting duties and, after hatching, bringing food to the nest. And their song! It's a trill to experience!

Rounding out our tour, we'll poke into some of the nooks and crannies of my special city--places where tour buses never roam. Like a worn wooden plank street, one of Ketchikan's oldest, that yearns to reveal its history. All but forgotten, this rattling narrow plank street remains just as it was at the turn of the century...over the muddy tide flats, and ending in backyards.

Capture the flavor of Ketchikan from the eyes of a long time resident who loves living here and easily shares experiences. Most of all, we'll have fun.

3 hours
$139 per person plus sales tax (
2 person minimum)
Includes admission to the totem pole park. A wheelchair can be accommodated with advance notice.

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