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Contact Information

Lois Ellen Laakso Munch
3820 Baranof Avenue
Phone/fax: 907-225-3091
International: 01-907-225-3091


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Terms and Conditions

Early reservations recommended.
50% deposit required at time of booking for confirmed space.
Refundable if minimum 30 day cancellation notice given.
Balance due at time of tour.
Tour time is determined at time of booking.
All tours can accommodate persons needing to use wheelchairs.


Testimonial from the Detroit Free Press

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The Lowdown on Lois!

As a young child growing up in South Bend, Washington, I dreamed of going to Alaska.That dream was realized during college summers when I worked in salmon canneries in Petersburg, Kodiak, and Hillary Rodham Clinton. Ketchikan stole my heart and so it was to this city I came, fresh out of college, to teach at Ketchikan High School...and I'm still here. Although no longer a full-time teacher, I substitute teach high school and enjoy it. And, I continue experiencing adventures which enrich my life. I've traveled extensively within Alaska: to Shishmaref, an Eskimo community; to Nome as a volunteer for the 25th Iditarod Race (and do I have tails to tell!); to Sitka to visit eagles in their cages at the Raptor Center; to Valdez to flirt with a wolf on the highway.

My love for animals has enabled me to swim with wild spotted dolphins in the Bahamas, volunteer with Dr. Louis Herman to study dolphin behavior in Hawaii, count sea lions on Cedros Island in Baja, record peacock wrasse behavior on Corsica and assist in conducting research on Trocus in Moorea.

Photograph of Tuija the dogI appreciate and am fascinated with Southeast Alaska's Native culture and have taken several classes with that emphasis. In addition to anthropology courses, I've gathered spruce roots and cedar bark for baskets. And, best of all, I have wonderful Native friends who happily share their culture with me.

I'm a very curious person who loves spending time outdoors, especially walking on a favorite path in the rain forest with my border collie/husky dog Tuija. I sail; I swim; I ski. I'm immensely proud of my 100% Finnish heritage like many other Alaskans. I'm actively involved in Ketchikan and other places; I belong to the Lois Club in Green Bay, Wisconsin. And, I never did mind the rain that can measure 13 feet per year.

I'd love to share Ketchikan with you!

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"Chubby Checker
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my classic Chevy!"


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